R530 Wheel Loader

From Kubota, comes a new wheel loader designed to get the job done faster and keep you working comfortably. The R530 is powered by a 47.9 HP diesel engine. Built by Kubota, this reliable engine features low noise, low vibration, and low fuel consumption. The spacious cab provides plenty of leg and elbow room, and the controls are ergonomically arranged for quick and easy access. Other unique features include Kubota’s original automatic regeneration system that automatically burns accumulated particulate matter, an articulating and oscillating frame and a high dumping clearance to make work fast and productive.
Key Features
  • 47.9hp Kubota Tier IV diesel engine.
  • Articulating and Frame Oscillation.
  • Hybrid Link Design.
  • Multi-function Control Lever.
  • Differential Lock.
  • Hydraulic Quick Coupler.
  • ROPS / FOPS Certified Canopy / Cab.
Type of ROPS / FOPS
Canopy / Cab
Output (SAEJ 1995 Gross)
51.0 hp @ 2400 rpm
Output - Net (SAEJ1349 Net)
47.9 hp @ 2400 rpm
160 cu. In
Overall height - Canopy
8 feet, 1 inch
Overall height - Cab
8 feet, 1 inch
Overall length (w/ bucket & weight)
17 feet, 4 inches
Overall width ( w/o bucket)
5 feet, 8 inches
Lifting Specifications
Tipping load straight (straight)
with bucket
6,041 lbs.
with pallet forks
4,674 lbs.
Tipping load full turn (full turn)
with bucket
5,093 lbs.
with pallet forks
3,968 lbs.
Rated operating capacity (SAE)
with bucket
2,546 lbs.
with pallet forks
1,984 lbs.
Operational Specifications
Standard bucket capacity
.85 cubic yards
Bucket breakout force
7,761 lbs.
Lifting capacity at ground level
5,646 lbs.
Loader raise time
6.3 seconds
Loader lower time
4.0 seconds
Operating weight (including operator weight @ 175 lbs.
with Canopy
9,303 lbs.
with Cab
9,799 lbs.
Drive Train & Hydraulic Pump
Tire Size
Travel speed
2.9 to 12.4 mph
Max. traction force
6,540 lbs.
Front/Rear axle traction lock
Diff-lock (both sides)
Articulation angle
40 deg.
Angle of rear frame oscillation
+/- 8 deg.
Loader clearance circle
25 feet, 4 inches
Turning radius track circle
11 feet, 1 inch
Enclosed wet disc
Spring applied hydraulic released wet disc
Fluid Refill
Fuel tank
18.5 gal.
Hydraulic system
14.5 gal.
Hydraulic reservoir
10.3 gal.
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